Friday, June 10, 2005

Philadephia Wedding

This past weekend (6/4/05 and 6/5/05) I was in Philadelphia to play the organ for a friend's wedding (an old roommate). Very stressful, but went well so it was great fun! The organ was huge and loud (or quiet... if you want) and cool and full of buttons! Fun fun.

  • Here's my singing bowl.
    This was my third trip ever to Philadelphia, and I'm even more convinced that its the best place ever! If you go to Philadelphia, here's two tips that can save you a bit of embarrassment:

    1) The outside doors often open in (I actually knocked on my hotel lobby front door thinking it was locked, but just didn't try pushing. Yes, I'm aware of the Far Side cartoon... wise guy) ;)

    2) The string hanging from the ceiling in public bathrooms is NOT the light switch. Its the "I've fallen, and I can't get up" panic signal.

    Here's some photo sets from my trip:
  • Views from the Hotel Room
  • A Short Walk Down Spruce Street
  • The World's Largest Pipe Organ -- In Department Store
  • Me practicing at the Organ at 10th Pres for the Wedding <--Comment 10/14/05
  • My Hotel Room

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